4-wheel alignment and suspension geometry

To ensure optimum tyre wear and handling and even fuel consumption, it’s essential a car’s steering and suspension geometry are set up correctly.

With older designs of car, there is limited scope for adjusting geometry.  With these, e.g. the classic styled Morgans, checks and adjustments are pretty much limited to front wheel alignment (also known as tracking).

With newer and more advanced designs of car, the scope for adjustment is considerably greater.  On many modern cars, not only is the front wheel alignment adjustable, but the rear alignment is as well.  Hence the need for ‘4-wheel alignment’.  In addition there may well be checks and adjustments that can be made to camber and castor angles.

We have fully computerised 4-wheel alignment equipment from SuperTracker and can carry out any steering or geometry checks or adjustments your car might need.  This includes providing before and after print outs of wheel alignment and suspension geometry.

Ideally, you should have wheel alignment and geometry checks carried out every 1 - 2 years, or more frequently if you attend regular track days.

Guide prices, including VAT are:

4-wheel alignment check only £45
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment £125
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment and camber £195
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment, camber and castor £250

The above prices are example ones based on a Lotus Elise.  Prices for other makes and models could vary - please contact us for more information.

Please note that if steering and suspension bolts and fasteners are corroded and difficult to undo, or a car is particularly difficult to set up, extra charges may apply for the additional labour and/or parts required to carry out the work.

For more details on 4 wheel alignment and suspension geometry, click on suspension geometry