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Classic Car Hoods

We have extensive experience in manufacturing and fitting bespoke hoods for a very wide range of classic and vintage cars.

Although 'off the shelf hoods' may be available for some of the more popular classics, for many of the rarer and more valuable cars, there's only one way of guaranteeing an excellent quality hood that will fit correctly and that is to make it on a bespoke basis for an individual car.

The starting point with a bespoke hood is to firstly ensure the hood frame, header rails, and any 'woods' are in good condition and adjusted correctly.  With some of the older cars, we find quite extensive work may be required to get everything looking right and ready to take a new hood.

The time taken to make a new hood varies enormously.  For example, a fairly simple single layer hood on a pre war Aston Martin may take 8 - 10 hours, whilst a 3 layer hood (Mohair outer layer, wadding middle layer, and headlining inner) on a classic Bentley can take 40+ hours.

When it comes to materials, the choice for the outer layer is Everflex (vinyl), Double Duck or Mohair.  We are always happy to advise on the pros and cons of each and which may be 'right' for a particular car.  If a headlining is required, Union cloth or West of England wool cloth are the normal options.

With bespoke hoods, we need to quote for each on an individual basis, bearing in mind the car it is intended for, the type of material used, and any hood frame adjustment or remedial work that may be required.  Please contact us on 01234 750205 or trim@allonwhite.co.uk for any help or advice you may need.