POALotus Elise S1 hood repairs


In our trimshop we can repair or refurbish the soft tops for S1 Elises.  Examples of the work we can do are:

Replace plastic lip at front of soft top £160

Full overhaul of soft top £215

Full overhaul including clean and reproof £325

The full overhaul includes replacing plastic lip, rebinding edges, restitching as needed, replacing tail piece elastics.

Please note we can only overhaul black or red coloured soft tops (as we can no longer source the edge binding tape for green and blue soft tops)

N.B. Not all hoods will be repairable - if they are too old and worn, then the fabric loses its strength and integrity and cannot satisfactorily take any form of restitching.  We are always happy to offer advice on what is possible.

All prices include VAT

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