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POACooling Upgrades - K Series Engine


We're often asked about the cooling system on Elises and Exiges with the Rover K Series engine as it's no secret it can be improved.

We have some suggested upgrade options to fit to your K Series powered Lotus.

There's a PRRT (Pressure Relieving Remote Thermostat) kit which increases the amount of coolant flow around the engine and reduces 'thermal shock'. It stops the sudden flow of cold water through the engine when the thermostat opens by allowing a slow and gradual increase in system temperature while still allowing the heater matrix to warm up at the same rate as the engine. Although often fitted when dealing with a car that's had a head gasket failure, fitting the PPRT independently will benefit an engine's long term welfare.

Another upgrade is a 45mm Pro Alloy radiator - an all aluminium radiator with a thicker core than standard. This provides a greater capacity, making it much more efficient. It also benefits from a stronger construction than the standard plastic end capped radiator which is prone to splitting over time. This uprated radiator, combined with a cooling system flush, new antifreeze and a temperature reducing additive, can see the average running temperature drop by 15 degrees.

Prices of our kits, including coolant flush, new coolant + additive and fitting, are:

The prices shown above which include a radiator change are for cars without air conditioning.  If your car has air con, then there is a bit of extra labour involved and we will also need to degas the system before changing the radiator and regas afterwards. This will add a supplement of £275.

All Prices include VAT

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