£395Full Tonneau


We can manufacture an original design tonneau made to fit your car's exact dimensions.

For Morgans fitted with the older style 9 or 10 stud hood which is fiddly and time-consuming to put up, many owners find it quicker and easier to put a tonneau on their car when parked up rather than raising the hood.

Also, the central zip fitted to the tonneau allows the tonneau to be left in place but opened up on the driver's side.  Perfect for top down motoring on cold (or wet!) days when you want to retain as much heat as possible inside the car.

For 2-seater Morgans the prices are:

Full tonneau in Everflex £395
Full tonneau in Mohair £485

For 4-seater Morgans the prices are:

Full tonneau in Everflex £465
Full tonneau in Mohair £595

As standard, all tonneaus come with a single central zip.  There are various modifications we can do and these are:

Fit 3 zips rather then 1 zip to a new tonneau £120
Fit an umbrella holder £60
Replace broken zip on an existing tonneau £80

For cars fitted with roll bars which require tonneaus with additional cut outs and flaps to accommodate the roll bar, please add £140 to the above prices.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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