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POAClassic Morgan Luggage Rack


We can offer a wide range of luggage racks to fit all classic Morgans, be they 2-seaters or 4-seaters.

With the Morgan 2-seater luggage racks there's a choice of with or without space for storing your sidescreens.  We find that most people go for the former as it solves the dilemma of what to do with your screens when removed from the car.

If you go for a luggage rack with sidescreen storage, you will also need a sidescreen bag to protect the sidescreens when in the rack.

When ordering a luggage rack, you'll need to specify whether you have bumpers or over-riders (or neither!) and the age and model of your Morgan sports car.

Just some of the options are listed below, but please contact us to find out prices if the type of rack you require isn't mentioned (we don't have space for all of them!).

2-seater, bumpers, with sidescreen storage - £440
2-seater, over-riders, with sidescreen storage - £455
4-seater, built before 2006 - £435
Sidescreen bag from £220

The above prices are just for the luggage rack itself.  If you would like us to fit a luggage rack for you, then the fitting charges tend to be in the range £85 - £250.  Fitting racks to some models of Morgan is considerably more time-consuming than others, hence the wide range in fitting charge.

All our prices include VAT.

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