POASports Exhaust +4 & 4/4


One of the longest extablished suppliers of stainless steel sports exhausts for Morgans is Librands.

We fit these when owners require a sportier exhaust note or to replace mild steel systems on older Morgans.

When combined with a Librands performance manifold (and sports catalytic convertor if applicable), then power increases of 5 - 10 bhp depending on engine type, are typically experienced.

'Acoustic trims' are available to tailor the exhaust note.

There are lots of different engines fitted to the +4s and 4/4s and prices for just some of the types are listed below:

Sports Exhaust - most models £520
Acoustic trim for sports exhaust 105
Performance manifold & sports cat - Duratec +4 £1,490
Performance manifold - Zetec engine 4/4 £545
Performance manifold - CVH injection engine 4/4 £690

Fitting kits maybe required at additional cost - we can advise what's required.

The above prices are for supply of parts only.  If you would like us to supply and fit, then it is typically an additional £85 - £150 to fit a sports exhaust and £150 - £200 to fit a performance manifold.  The time taken to fit an exhaust system can vary enormously between individual Morgans!

All our prices include VAT

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