£1,080Sports exhaust Roadster


One of the longest extablished suppliers of stainless steel sports exhausts for Morgans is Librands.

The system developed by Librands for the Morgan Roadster gives a sportier exhaust note and typically produces extra power as well.  One owner of a 3.7 litre Roadster reported an increase of nearly 20 bhp.

It has larger bore pipes than the standard system to give freer gas flow, and comes complete with 'acoustic trims' for the twin tailpipes to give a pleasant but sporty sound and all fitting clamps.

This system fits all Roadsters - the 3 litre versions fitted with the Series 1 or 2 engines and the 3.7 litre version.

The price shown above is just the price of the exhaust. If you would like us to supply and fit, then it is typically an additional £150 - £200.  The time taken to fit an exhaust system can vary enormously between individual Morgans!

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