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Changing the standard painted wire wheels fitted to a Classic Morgan to Stainless Steel or Chrome versions, is a visually stunning upgrade.

For some sizes of wheel, only Stainless Steel versions are available, whereas for other sizes, both Chrome and Stainless Steel can be specified.

Although Stainless Steel wheels are more expensive than Chrome, it can be a worthwhile investment as unless looked after exceptionally well, over time Chrome wheels will start to rust.

The most popular sizes and versions we can offer are:

5" x 15" - suitable for 4/4
Chrome is £305
Stainess Steel is £435

6" x 15" - suitable for Plus 4 and 'lowline' 4/4
Chrome is £320
Stainless Steel is £450

7" x 16" - suitable for Plus 8
Chrome is £485
Stainless Steel is £615

6.5" x 15" - suitable for Roadster (2010 onwards)
Stainless Steel is £635

7" x 16" - suitable for Roadster and some Plus 4
Stainless Steel is £640

The prices shown are per wheel. If you want to order a full car set (of 4 or 5 wheels) then we can offer a 5% discount.

We can also supply wheels fitted with new tyres, or swap over the tyres from your old wheels to the new wheels. In both cases, wheels will be balanced and new valves fitted. Please contact us for prices.

There are a number of different sized wheels fitted to the various models of Morgan over the years. Also, although wheel sizes may be common across different models, the numbers of spoke can vary. This page is a guide to what may be suitable for your car, but please double-check with us to ensure you choose the right wheel.

You should also note that Morgan wings are cut to size to fit the wheels specified when the car was built. Changing wheel width, or trying to change alloy wheels to wire wheels, although technically possible, may end up with a less than great look as the wings could be too narrow or too wide for the new wheels.

Our prices include VAT.

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