£190Mota-lita Mk 3


The Mark 3 steering wheel is the first design ever made by Moto-lita and has been fitted to countless classic British sports cars.  it looks excellent on Morgans and is the most popular of the Moto-lita steering wheels.

The price shown is just for the steering wheel.  Please note that if replacing a standard Factory-fitted Morgan steering wheel you will also need to fit a Moto-lita boss which attaches the steering wheel to the steering column.

Prices for bosses are:

Pre 1998 cars £92
1998 onwards £148

A polished horn push engraved with the Morgan wings is also available at a price of £95 for the old style wings or £165 for new style wings.

If you would like us to fit a Moto-lita steering wheel and boss to your Morgan, then please allow up to an additional £85 (includes re-setting your car's "tracking" to ensure the steering wheel points straight ahead).

All prices include VAT.

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