£225Anti Tramp Bars


Anti-tramp bars are normally fitted in pairs to the rear axle on the higher powered Morgans.  They help keep the axle in place and stop it trying to twist around its axis under hard acceleration which gives ‘tramping’.

So what is tramping?  When power is applied suddenly, e.g. from a standing start, the rear leaf springs tend to wind up into an 'S' shape, and then revert to normal in a series of hops.  This is 'tramping'.  Anti tramp bars restrict flexing of the front half of the leaf spring under extreme loadings, and so deprived of its natural twisting motion the axle can no longer 'tramp'.

Tramping sounds horrible and reduces the ability of the rear wheels to effectively put down the power.

Anti tramp bars are for the 'classic' styled Morgans.  They're unlikely to be needed on standard 4/4s and +4s, but are recommended for tuned cars and the larger engined Morgans (+4 Supersports and Roadster come fitted with them as standard).

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The price shown is for a pair of Anti Tramp Bars and includes VAT.  Please enquire for the price for us to fit these to your Morgan.

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