£715RS front suspension from SSL


This supension upgrade was previously marketed under the 'Suplex' banner, but is now branded SSL (Suspension Supplies Ltd).

The RS front suspension kit for 'classic' Morgans makes a real difference to the ride comfort.

One of the key advantages of the kit is its progressive or 'rising rate' springing.  This means soft spring rates to smooth out the little bumps and ripples in the road surface, with the spring rates becoming progressively stiffer as suspension travel increases over larger bumps.

This variable springing combined with the kit's uprated Spax adustable dampers (shock absorbers), ensures better ride quality and improved handling.

Comments from one of our customers, Roy Smith, who had the kit fitted to his 1992 +4 are:

"Brilliant, does exactly what it claims to do. I noticed it the moment I drove down your driveway. I then took my Morgan on a bumpy route I know and it was a different experience. Totally transformed the front end."

The price shown above is just for the supply of the kit.

If you would like us to supply and fit, then the price for this is £1,030 and this includes re-setting the front wheel alignment and ride height as necessary to ensure optimum comfort and handling.

Should you wish to have rear Spax adjustable dampers to complement the RS front suspension kit, then the price for us to supply and fiit is £330.

If you have a higher mileage Morgan and the front suspension king pins and bushes haven't been overhauled for a while (they typically last for about 15,000 miles), you may wish to consider renewing these items at the same time as fitting the RS suspension kit.

To fit new upgraded (hard chrome) king pins and bushes at the same time as fitting the RS suspension costs an additional £345 (versus £595 if done separately).

All prices include VAT.

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