£2,9955L rear suspension from SSL


This supension upgrade was previously marketed under the 'Suplex' banner, but is now branded SSL (Suspension Supplies Ltd).

The 5L rear suspension kit from SSL has been designed for 'classic' Morgans and completely replaces the existing set up.  It is designed as a 'bolt on' system with no welding or cutting required.

The standard and rather basic leaf springs fitted as standard to Morgans are replaced by progressive rate coilover springs, and these are complemented by high quality Spax adjustable dampers (shock absorbers).

A 5 link system provides efficient operation of the suspension and locates the axle correctly in place under all types of driving.

The benefits of the SSL 5L suspension are:

The price shown of £2,995 is just for the supply of the suspension kit.

If you would like us to supply and fit the SSL 5L suspension - a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure the suspension is set up and adjusted correctly - the price is £4,260.

The kit is only available for 2-seater Morgans.

All our prices include VAT.

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