Lotus sports cars - performance without compromise

Lotus boast over 70 years of history and tradition producing some of the world’s finest handling and best performing sports cars.

At the heart of this has been a core principle of Lotus' founder, Colin Chapman, that of achieving performance through light weight.

Another part of the Chapman philosophy has always been about creative thinking, innovative engineering and above all, daring to be different.

The success over the years both in motor sport and on the road, is real testament to the strength of the Lotus philosophy and values.

The current range of Lotus sports cars is uncompromising in its adherence to Lotus values.  Excellent performance and power to weight ratios, sublime handling, unique styling and design with just the right blend of beauty and aggression.


Each car is hand built in the Lotus Factory in Norfolk, combining craftsmanship, technology and passion.  The options lists are extensive and allow for unique, highly personalised cars to be built to customer order.

Your choice of new Lotus comes down to 3 main model ranges – the Elise, Exige or Evora.  All share the same DNA and philosophy, all provide a pure and exhilarating driving experience, but each is very different in character.

And now there's also the amazing Evija - an electric 'hypercar' that's designed to be the world's most powerful production road car.

To find out more, click on the images below, read on, and above all, enjoy!

Then if you're thinking a new Lotus could be for you, we'd be delighted to help.  Be this offering advice, arranging test drives or visiting the Lotus Factory.  Please call 01234 750205 or email lotus@allonwhite.co.uk to talk through ideas and options.