Plus Six Test Drive Week

The Plus Six is Morgan's next generation of sports car and has already won lots of friends and achieved many glowing road test reports from the motoring press. The classic Morgan lines, stylish leather interior, 3 litre turbo-charged BMW engine, new chassis and redesigned suspension, is proving a winning combination!

To show off this fabulous car to as many people as possible, we're hosting a 'Test Drive Week' with our Plus Six demonstrator, from Monday 30th September to Saturday 5th October.

The car is of course the main attraction, but to add some extra fun and interest, every day there will be a different theme.  Click on the headings below to see what's planned for each day:

Monday - Introduction to Morgan

If you're new to Morgan and want to chat generally about the company, its history and different models, and try out the Plus Six of course (and any other model that takes your fancy), this is the day to come along.

Phil and John and Vanessa will be on hand to look after you and guide you through the Morgan world.  Phil should know what he's talking about as he's been with Allon Whites for 27 years and has just written a book - an essential buyer's guide to Morgans - which is currently with the publishers.  John and Vanessa will be playing admirable supporting roles!

It's open house 9:30 to 4:30pm with coffees, teas and chocolate biscuits to keep you fortified.

Tuesday - Coffee and Cakes

A lot of our events at the dealership have something to do with food, so coffee and cakes (or tea and cakes if you prefer) seems like a fine idea for a Tuesday.  But no sticky fingers and chocolate cake in the Plus Six please!  Bring your own baby wipes or borrow ours...

Come along between 10am and 4:30pm and your choice as to whether it's test drive first or cakes first.  There's no right answer as both are highly enjoyable!

Wednesday - Morgan Factory Tour

Phil, our sales manager and expert on all things Morgan, will be taking our Plus Six to the Morgan Factory.  Come along and joing him in Malvern for a test drive and a tour of the Morgan Factory.

If you've never been around the Factory before, this is a great opportunity and well worth a visit! There's also some stunning countryside around the Malvern Hills.

The Factory tour and test drives will be running between 10am and 4pm.  It's important for us to co-ordinate the day with Morgan, so please contact us to confirm the arrangements (see contact details at the bottom of this page).

To whet your appetite and learn more about what happens on the production line - it's certainly not like any conventional car factory - click on Morgan Factory

Thursday - Cream teas

A perfect combination of two quintessentially British things - Morgans and Cream Teas.

There is a highly dubious school of thought that says cream teas should never be served before 3:30pm.  But who cares about being conventional - anyone who owns a Morgan doesn't - so cream teas and the Plus Six available from 10am to 4:30pm.

And as for the argument about whether you put the cream or the jam on first onto your scones, well let's not go there...!!

Friday - Valeting

Today our valeter's in the dealership, and the plan is he'll wash any car that's left abandoned and temporarily unloved whilst its occupants try out the Plus Six.

Go out for a 5 minute drive and he'll only have time for your windscreen, enjoy the Plus Six for a bit longer and he'll manage the complete car!

The rest of the team will also be available to advise on cleaning and looking after your car, be it a Morgan (a new Plus Six!) or anything else. From the best polishes, to how to 'clay' a car, to looking after leather interiors.

Come along from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Saturday - Breakfast Club

On the 1st Saturday of every month we run a 'Breakfast Club' - bacon rolls, hot drinks, cakes and chocolate biscuits from 9:30am and a motoring themed talk or other entertainment at 10am.

For this breakfast club there's going to be plenty going on - test drives in the Plus Six of course, and also a celebration of 100 years of Allon Whites. So expect a 100th birthday cake, a 'devilish' quiz covering the last 100 years of motoring with dubious prizes for the winning team, and a good turn out of Morgan enthusiasts.

Our breakfast clubs normally finish by around 11am, but this one will keep going throughout the day to allow plenty of time to try out the Plus Six (but the bacon rolls will all be gone by 10am).


To attend one of the test drive days or generally find out more, please email or call 01234 750205 or click on the button below.

Arrange a Test Drive

Arrange a Test Drive