£10,9951975 Morgan 4/4 4-Seater


On its original wheels which is now becoming rare, this 1600 Ford Kent engined 4/4 4 seater, comes with early history up to the 1980's and some history post 2016. Car is showing 99,500 miles but with the gap in the history we can not guarantee this is the total mileage

This car is being sold as a usable project, it will not be serviced or MOT'd before sale and will not be provided with any sort of a warranty.

Key MOT /main mechanical points are

The wood frame has been previously repaired and is sound, but a few of the joints have movement.
Brake lights not working and handbrake needs adjusting
Front brake discs and hoses are worn
Radiator requires overhaul
Bulkhead has rust under the battery (repairable), Bulkhead and drivers valance has poor welded repairs.
Battery light stays on
Exhaust manifold blow and lumpy engine running

A copy of the pre sales inspection report carried out in our workshop is available on request showing the full list of items we have identified.

This is a great project for the winter evenings!

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