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£16,5001984 Morgan 4/4 4 seater


1.6 CVH, 5 speed 4 seater an ideal introduction into Morgan ownership.

Although the car is sound and presents well. There is some deterioration which is not immediately obvious, in the under door rockers on both sides, the rest of the wood frame is good. The price of the car reflects this.

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Affectionately known as Red Rum, We have known this 1.6 CVH, 5 speed 4 seater since 1997. The chap at the time sprinted and hillclimbed the car and contacted us about selling after it featured in a Practical Classics article we were involved with. We sold the car locally to a customer who has ownered the car since that date. Although used as a daily driver for a good number of years. He now lives overseas and the car was laid up for about 10 years until recently, we have now gone through and recommisioned Red Rum for regular use again.

We have changed the timing belt, water pump, Brake calipers, rear brake cylinders, fuel system clean, fuel pump, various electrics and popped the car through a fresh MOT.

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