£18,9951988 Morgan 4/4 Lowline 4-Seater



This Morgan is fitted with a 1600cc Ford CVH engine with a 5 speed gearbox

Only 4 owners, last owner since 1992

Regrettable sale of this beloved family Morgan

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The Morgan 4/4 has been in production since 1936, making it one of the longest-running production models in automotive history.

The 4/4 name stands for "four wheels, four cylinders," to originally differentiate it from the three wheelers. The original 4/4 model was powered by a 1.1-liter Coventry Climax engine, which was later replaced by a 1.6-litre engine and ultimately Zetec and Sigma versions.

The 4/4's design has remained largely unchanged over the years, with the car's iconic styling remaining a major selling point. The car features a lightweight wooden frame with an aluminium body and a classic sports car shape.

The Lowline models featured a lower body style, which means that the car had a lowered hood and a overall profile than other models. This gave the car a more streamlined appearance and improved its aerodynamics. The 4-seater version of the Morgan 4/4 was introduced in 1950 and was designed to offer the practicality of a family car while still providing the thrill of a sports car.

The Morgan 4/4 has a reputation for being a driver's car, with a lively driving experience. It is also known for its charming and vintage feel, making it a popular choice for classic car enthusiasts.