£35,5002007 Morgan Plus 4 4-Seater



This Morgan is fitted with a 2 litre Ford Duratec engine producing approx 145 bhp

A rarely available post 2005 Plus 4 4-seater, with the sleeker hood line

This is a 1 owner car with extensive service history

More Details...

The Morgan Plus 4 is a classic British sports car that has been in production since 1950. It is a two-seater, and more rarely a 4 seater, open-top roadster that is known for its classic design, traditional styling, and impressive performance.

The Plus 4 features a lightweight aluminium body that is mounted on a traditional steel chassis. It has been powered by a range of four-cylinder engines over the years, which in the more recent models utilising Ford 2.0L units.

One of the unique features of the Morgan Plus 4 is its suspension system, which consists of independent front sliding column suspension and a solid rear axle with leaf springs. This setup helps give the car a distinctive feel on the road.

The Morgan Plus 4 has a reputation for being a fun car to drive, with its responsive handling and nimble performance. It is also known for its classic styling, which includes a long bonnet and a sleek, 1930’s inspired aerodynamic shape. The interior is simple and elegant, with high-quality materials and a timeless design.

Overall, the Morgan Plus 4 is a classic sports car that offers a unique driving experience and timeless styling. It is a true classic that is loved by enthusiasts and collectors around the world.