£32,9952007 Morgan Plus 4



2 litre engine with 5 speed gearbox. Only 3 owners. Excellent detailed service history. Massive specification. A fine example that drives like new

More Details...

The Plus 4 was launched in 1950, following the success of the first 4 wheeler, the 4/4. The 4 stands for a 4 cylinder engine, but with more power than a 4/4 hence the 'Plus'. Plus 4s are always powered by a 2 litre engine

The best selling Ford Duratec engined cars were introduced in late 2004. Producing 145 bhp, fun handling and good fuel consumption it is easy to see why the Plus 4 is so popular.

This 2007 is in excellent condition and comes with a massive specification. This is one of the last cream dial dashboard models (the layout changed in November 2007), and the Mulberry leather sets the dashboard off a treat.

The car comes as standard with the easy fit 20 second hood, superform aluminium wings, stainless bulkhead and valances which makes this era of car very desirable in the Morgan pre owned market.

The detailed service history is the icing on the cake for this lovely Plus 4