£47,9952018 Morgan Plus 4



Like all late model Plus 4s, this car is fitted with a 2 litre Ford GDI engine producing 154 bhp and has a 5 speed Mazda gearbox.

This is a 1 owner car and we supplied it new to this owner.

More Details...

The Plus 4 was launched in 1950, following the success of the first 4 wheeler, the 4/4. The 4 stands for a 4 cylinder engine, but with more power than a 4/4 hence the 'Plus'. Plus 4s are always powered by a 2 litre engine

The best selling Ford Duratec engined cars were introduced in late 2004, with the later GDI cars introduced from 2014. The GDI produces 154 bhp, and 9 more Nm of torque. With the Mazda 5 speed gearbox these later Plus 4s are a joy to drive.

Benefiting from the improved ssl front suspension, this very well spec'd Plus 4 is a fine traditional looking example. supplied by us to its 1 owner, other classic Morgan projects have lead to the car coming to market.

Having a pvc hood and a mohair tonneau the car is spec'd for practical use, the easy clean pvc for when you are caught out in showers, but the mohair tonneau for when the car is parked up and on display.

The car also comes with the remainder of the Morgan Warranty