Bespoke car interiors and hoods

Our coach trimming workshop specialises in bespoke work, carrying out full or partial retrims on virtually any make or model of car.

Before commencing work, we always have detailed discussions with our customers, which cover every aspect of their requirements and the project.  Once designs and concepts have been agreed we take every care in their fulfilment.

We love variety and challenging projects, and are our remits vary from producing concours winning full retrims to very practical and functional jobs that can withstand the rigours of long distance events, e.g. the Paris - Peking rally.

We are also developing a range of high quality and very unique interiors for Landrover Defenders and Jeeps.  So for someone looking to create the ultimate off-roader, and wants the inside to create a statement that matches the 'attitude' of the exterior and any performance upgrades they may have done, we can help!

From this page you can access examples of some of the larger or more interesting coach trimming projects we have undertaken.

If you'd like to discuss your own car and ideas you have for retrimming the interior, or replacing hoods and other items of weather equipment, then please Contact Us