In addition to routine servicing and repair work, our highly experienced mechanics and coachtrimmers in our workshops also undertake restorations to the two marques we specialise in, Morgan and Lotus.

This could be a full 'nut and bolt' restoration, perhaps starting with a complete car, or perhaps with a bare chassis and many cardboard boxes of bits.  Alternatively it could be a partial restoration with us only carrying out renovation type work to selected areas of a car.

When commissioning us to carry out a restoration, a key area for the vehicle owner to decide upon is the standard required. We never wish to compromise on quality, but it is also important to bear in mind how the car will be used once restored.

For example, a concours standard of restoration will look spectacular and be great for a car that's to be exhibited at shows, but may almost be too good for a car that is intended to be driven. Too often we hear of superbly restored cars that owners daren't drive in case anything is damaged!

We welcome any type or size of restoration job, and are always happy to talk through ideas, provide estimates and generally offer all the advice we can.  Our goal is to ensure you obtain all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about the scope and quality of work to be done to your car.

To discuss a restoration or renovation project you have in mind, please contact us on 01234 750205 or email