Lotus Servicing and Repairs

As an official Lotus 'Service Centre' appointed by Lotus Cars, we offer the full range of diagnostic equipment, special tools and technical support from the Lotus Factory to look after your vehicle.

Our well equipped workshop and experienced Factory trained technicians, are able to handle any routine servicing or other work your Lotus may require.

We have fixed price servicing for many models of Lotus sports cars.  To see the rates for Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora, Europa, M100 Elans and Esprits - click the headings below.

For servicing costs for other models, e.g. the original Lotus Elan and Elan +2, or Lotus Excel and Eclat, please contact us.


Lotus Elise & Exige (K-series engine) & M100 Elan

  A service B Service C Service
Elise/Exige/340R £270 £375 £750
Elise 111S £270 £375 £795
M100 Elan £270 £390 £395

Please note a cambelt change is included in the price of a C Service for the Lotus Elise, Exige and 340R, but not for the M100 Elan.

The Elise, Exige and 340R cambelts need to be changed at 4 year intervals (which is more frequent than the C service intervals).

The prices for other additional maintenance items are:

Brake fluid change £55
Coolant change £75
Cambelt change - S1 & S2 Elise, S1 Exige, 340R £295
Cambelt change - S1 & S2 Elise 111S £360
Cambelt change - M100 Elan £495

All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Lotus Elise & Exige (Toyota engine)

Annual service - £290 for Elise & 4 cylinder Exige or £325 for V6 Exige

At specified time or mileage intervals, Lotus require additional work to be carried out over and above the standard annual service.  The prices for these items are:

Brake fluid change £55 2 years
Coolant change £75 4 years
Auxillary drive belt change (Elise SC) £140   18,000 miles/2 years
Transmission oil change £95 54,000 miles/6 years
Air filter change £95 27,000 miles
Spark plug change - 4 cylinder From £95 54,000 miles/6 years
Spark plug change - 6 cylinder £210 54,000 miiles/6 years

For the above items, these should be changed at whichever interval occurs first, mileage or time.

All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Lotus Evora

Annual service £325

Please note that at certain specified mileages and time intervals for the Evoras, additional work to the standard annual service needs to be carried out - this will be at extra cost, e.g. replacing air filter, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid.

Our prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Lotus Europa (new type)

Annual service £290

Please note that at certain specified mileages and time intervals for the Europas, additional work to the standard annual service needs to be carried out - this will be at extra cost, e.g. replacing air filters, brake fluid, coolant.

Our prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Lotus Esprit

There are many different variants of the Esprit, but a guide to the pricing for the main ones we service is shown below.

   A Service B Service C Service
4 cylinder Esprit £385 £695 £1,350
V8 Esprit  £385 £950 N/A

Included in the C Services for the 4 cylinder Esprits is a cambelt change.

To change the cambelts on a Esprit V8 is additional to the routine servicing and the price is £850.

Please note the prices for the C Services and cambelt change on the Esprit V8 include cambelts but not cambelt tensioners.  If you would like the tensioners changed as well, then this is at additional cost - we're always happy to advise on the pros and cons of this work.

All prices include parts, labour and VAT. 

Lotus MOTs

We are a licensed MOT testing station and many of our customers take advantage of this to combine their annual Lotus service with the MOT test.

The price of an MOT is £54.85

Lotus repairs and performance parts

As well as routine Lotus servicing, we are able to carry out repair work and performance upgrades - be they suspension, brake or engine related.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements - we're always happy to provide advice and prices for the work you have in mind.

Lotus geometry checks

We have a SuperTracker, fully computerised 4 wheel alignment equipment and can carry out any steering or geometry checks or adjustments your car might need.

Ideally, you should have a 4 wheel alignment check carried out on an annual basis, or more frequently if you attend regular track days.

Guide prices, including VAT are:

4-wheel alignment check only £45
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment £125
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment and camber £195
Alignment check, adjust front/rear alignment, camber and castor £250

Please note these are guide prices only, and if steering and suspension bolts and fasteners are corroded and difficult to undo, or a car is particularly difficult to set up, extra charges may apply for the additional labour and/or parts required to carry out the work.

For more details on wheel alignment and suspension geometry, click on suspension geometry

Lotus Restorations

Every year, we undertake a select number of Lotus restoration projects.

Our Technicians have a great store of knowledge and expertise in this type of work, and look forward to the challenge of each new project, treating each car as if it were their own - which indeed it is whilst with us!

During the restoration, we always encourage owners to visit to see and discuss progress through the various stages.

To find out more about some of the Lotus restoration work we have previously undertaken, please click on Lotus Restorations

Lotus interior trim & hoods

In our specialist coach trimming workshop, we carry out all Lotus interior trim work from re-covering seats to a complete interior retrim.  We also manufacture and replace Lotus hoods and tonneaus.  Our coach trimming experts, Shaun and Rocco have a vast wealth of experience from the simple to the most complex of projects.

We are continually developing our range of trim items for Lotus. For information about these, please click on Lotus Interior Trim Workshop

Courtesy car

To simplify things for you when bringing your Lotus in for service, we can offer a free courtesy car.  But please give us plenty of warning if you'd like to borrow one of our courtesy cars - they are popular!  Alternatively we can normally run you to/from Bedford or Milton Keynes stations.

Collection and delivery service

Should you require, we can offer at additional cost a collection and delivery service for your Lotus on our specialist car transporter.

Contact us about Lotus servicing and repairs

We pride ourselves on our quality of work, friendly and helpful service, and some very competitive prices.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of servicing, repairing, retrimming or improving your Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora, Esprit, Elan or Excel, please contact us.