Morgan Offers - Spring 2024

For new Morgans ordered by 30th April and registered by 30th June 2024, there are some great offers currently available courtesy of the Morgan Motor Company.

One of these is Morgan's 'Bring the Colour' offer which includes a range of paintwork and interior trim options at no extra cost and is available on the Plus Six, Plus Four and Super 3.

There are also some attractive finance offers available for the Morgan Plus Four and Super 3. These finance offers can be taken separately, or combined with the Bring the Colour offer.

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bring the colour

For decades, Morgan has famously – and proudly – allowed customers to order vehicles in any paint colour imaginable. At last count, there were over 40,000 possible shades!

And with 40 different interior trim and carpet options, there is an almost endless combination of colourways and options available, ensuring every owner can create a true “one-off”.

Normally, choosing a one-off combination of paint colour and interior trim comes with a significant cost attached - on a Plus Six or Plus Four this can typically be in excess of £5,000.

However, any Plus Four, Plus Six or Super 3 ordered by 30th April 2024 will benefit from a range of options at no additional cost. These options include:

Plus Six and Plus Four

0% Finance Offer

Morgan has just launched an 'Advance Payment Plan' for people buying a new Morgan Plus Four or Super 3, and this plan benefits from finance with an interest rate from 0% over 2 years.

Basically, the deal is that 50% of the car is paid up front, and then nothing else needs to be paid for 2 years. At the end of 2 years you can either pay the balance owing or hand the car back.

For this 2 year period, Morgan will cover the the balance owing on the base specification at an APR of 0%. Please note that adding extras to the base specification may increase the APR.

For full terms and conditions and some examples of the Advance Payment Plan for cars with base specification and with optional extras fitted, please click on

Plus Four Finance

Super 3 Finance

Finance from 4.5%

As an alternative to their Advance Payment Plan finance, Morgan also offer attractive rates on 'Purchase Contract Plan' finance. This allows regular monthly payments spread across 36 or 48 months and with interest rates that give an APR starting at 4.5%.

For full terms and conditions and some examples of PCP finance packages, please click on the following links:

Plus Four Finance

Super 3 Finance


For more information about any of the offers or to generally chat about the process for ordering a new Morgan, please contact Phil on 01234 750205 or