£360Lotus Elise/Exige Short Tail Soft Tops


Our soft tops are manufactured by us to the same standards as originally specified by Lotus, and are available in black.

The price shown is for a 'short tail' soft top with us re-using the cant rails (side rails), seals and tensioning wires from your old hood.

The price for the soft top does not include the inner headlining (not all cars have this).  If this needs replacing as well, then the price increases to £510.

If you need a complete new soft top assembly, including cant (side) rails, seals and tensioning mechanism, for example because your car came with a hard top but no soft top, then we can order this from Lotus and the price is £1,210.

Please note if your car's never had a soft top fitted before, it will be necessary to cut locating holes for the rear ends of the soft top support bows (the front holes are already in place) and fit pockets and spacers to these holes. The price of these additional fixings is £30. If you buy the complete soft top assembly and fixings from us, then we are happy to carry out this modification work at no cost.

If you think your soft top is basically sound, and only needs relatively minor refurbishment, for example attending to stitching that has frayed or come undone, or cleaning and reproofing, then we can normally help.  We would need details of the work needed and/or photos to confirm a price, but as a rough guide, the prices could be:

Restitch as required £165
Restitch as required, clean and reproof £275

Our prices include VAT.

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