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POACooling Upgrades - Toyota Engine


The standard plastic ended radiator fitted by Lotus to the 4-cylinder Toyota engined cars, can fail over time - either major cracks developing in the plastic end caps (as pictured), or annoyingly small leaks that only develop when the system gets hot.

We have put together a package that will not only replace the potentially troublesome plastic-ended original radiator, but provide a worthwhile upgrade as well.

For normal road cars, we recommend and use a Pro Alloy 'single pass' radiator with a twin row 43mm thick, high efficiency alloy core with all aluminium end tanks. This provides a higher capacity and hence greater cooling efficiency than the standard radiator, and the aluminium end tanks do away with the inherent weakness of the plastic end caps of the standard radiator.

For tuned engines or cars regularly put through their paces on track days we can also offer a 'triple pass' radiator from Pro Alloy. This is dimensionally identical to Pro Alloy's single pass radiator, but the internal design forces water to pass 3 times across the core, so increasing cooling.

The price for us to supply and fit, including flushing through the cooling system and replacing the coolant are:

Pro Alloy single pass radiator is £915

Pro Alloy triple pass radiator is £935

The prices shown above are for cars without air conditioning. If your car has air con, then there is a bit of extra labour involved and we will also need to degas the system before changing the radiator and regas afterwards. This will add a supplement of £275.

All prices include VAT.

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