£910Replacement Hoods


We can manufacture replacement hoods to original equipment standards.  As each Morgan has slightly different dimensions, we find the best way of ensuring a good fit is to make hoods on a bespoke basis, tailored to suit an individual car.

The price shown above is for a '9 or 10 stud' hood in Everflex for a 2-seater Morgan.  These type of hoods were fitted to cars manufactured pre 2003 and also to the later 'Sport' models. The hood is also available in Mohair at a price of £1,120.

For 4-seater Morgans with the same type of 9 or 10 stud hood, the prices are £1,100 for hoods in Everflex, or £1,320 for Mohair hoods.

For the later style, 'Easy Up' hood as fitted to cars made from 2003 onwards (with the exception of the 'Sports' models), the prices are:

2-seater Everflex hood £935
2-seater Mohair hood £1,120
4-seater Everflex hood £1,190
4-seater Mohair hood £1,415

For the new style Plus 8, from 2012 onwards, the hood is only available in Mohair and is priced at £1,290

All prices include VAT

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