£2,990Speedifit Hood Conversion


The Speedifit Hood is designed and manufactured by us and is suitable for 2-seater Morgans originally fitted with the traditional style '9 or 10 stud' hoods.

Our conversion gets rid of all the time-consuming and difficult to operate studs at the front and rear. Instead it has two easy to use catches at the back and a simple mechanism to lock onto the windscreen at the front.

The Speedifit hood is very quick and easy to raise or lower, and can be easily lowered from inside the car. It is also better fitting and hence more weatherproof with less wind noise than the original style of hood.

The price shown is for a hood in Everflex for a pre 2001 car.  For a Morgan from 2001 onwards the price is £4,200.  If a mohair hood is required, then a price supplement of £250 applies.  The prices include VAT.

We can also make hood covers and tonneaus for the Speedifit Hood. For a copy of our price list, please click on Speedifit Prices

A brief video showing the operation of our Speedifit hood conversion can be seen below:


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