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Tyres are often an overlooked item on Morgans as the cars are light, typically do low mileages and hence tend not to wear out tyres.

However, even if there is lots of tread left, it's advisable to replace tyres once they get to 10 years of age as the rubber hardens over time and won't provide the expected grip levels (when cornering or in emergency stop situations).

If you'd like a bit more information on tyres, including how to work out the age, please click on Tyre Information

We are able to supply and fit tyres for all models of Morgan. This will include balancing of the wheels and fitting new valves as well.

As prices are constantly changing and can also vary considerably depending on the manufacturer, we haven't attempted to provide any prices on this page.

But please contact us to discuss your requirements - we're always happy to advise on the best tyres for your car and provide whatever help we can.

Please note that due to restrictions imposed by some of the courier companies we use, we are not able to send tyres to you, and are only able to offer a supply and fit service.

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