£35,9501998 Morgan Plus 8 Long Door


This is the later 'long door' model of Morgan which makes it easier to get into and out of than earlier 'short door' cars. It is fitted with a Rover 3.9 litre V8 engine producing around 190 bhp and the R380 5-speed gearbox.

The car has only had 2 owners and we originally supplied it new to its first owner and then we subsequently also sold the car to its 2nd owner.

It benefits from an extensive history folder.

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The Morgan Plus 8 is a sports car that was introduced in 1968 by the Morgan Motor Company. It is known for its classic design and powerful V8 engine.

The original Plus 8 was produced from 1968 to 2004 and was based on the Morgan Plus 4 platform. It was powered by a Rover V8 engine and had a lightweight aluminium body, which gave it excellent performance and handling. Over the years, various updates and improvements were made to the car, including the addition of fuel injection and an improved suspension system.

The Morgan Plus 8 is known for its distinctive styling, with its long bonnet and flowing lines. It also has a reputation for being a fun and engaging car to drive, thanks to its powerful engine and responsive handling.

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